Where are you located?
My lesson studio is located in the second floor of 370 Market Street, Lemoyne, PA 17043. Please see my Contact page for more information.


What styles of music do you teach?
That depends upon the student’s interests. Each student is different in terms of skills and goals, so lessons are customized to meet a student’s individual needs. I take a flexible approach and many students become proficient in multiple styles. In addition to sub-genres, I teach styles such as:
Rock -- Jazz -- Blues -- Pop -- Metal -- Classical -- Fingerstyle -- Funk


What are lessons like?
Lessons are very musical in nature and often employ computer based aids, as described below, to assist each student to fully explore his or her potential. Additionally, the foundations and theory of music are explored in depth. Students learn to play by immediately applying the concepts taught. This approach makes learning music both fun and rewarding. It also prepares students for real-life playing situations. As students absorb the language of music, they are encouraged to explore their own creativity in terms of songwriting and improvisation.


How much do lessons cost?
Lessons are $120 per month ($30 per weekly 1/2 hour session) and students attend four lessons each month. This fee also includes all lesson materials which students will receive each lesson. Lesson materials are of the highest quality and include sheet music, printed, and digital materials. (Due to a high volume of students, I am not able to offer hour-long sessions at this time.)


What is a typical student’s lesson schedule?
Lessons are provided 4 times per month and are booked for the same time every week. If there is a fifth week for your slot in that month, there will be no lesson in the fifth week or it may be used for a make-up session.


I can already play. Are lessons worth it?
Absolutely, I've teach all skill levels and students with as many as 50 years playing experience.  I've developed a keen ability for spotting a student's weaknesses and providing strategies that lead to quick improvement.


Do you teach beginners?
My goal is to provide quality guitar instruction to students of all skill levels and beginners are very welcome!


Do you sell gift certificates?
I do sell gift certificates and they make great gifts! Please feel free to call or e-mail me for more details.